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Beijing Kaiyue Horse Science And Technology Development Co., Limited
    We have over 15 years experience and are the China's leaders in labelling, cutting, edge curling and seaming machine.   
    Hot melt glue labeling machi...
    Our new improved hot melt glue labeling machine has been finished, and will be sent to market r......
     New Cutter system has been applied to ... [2018-09-28]
     Second generation of YGT520-TH wet glu... [2018-06-05]
     Our new wet glue labelling machine YGT... [2018-05-13]
     The fifth India packaging and printing... [2018-05-13]
    Labeling Machine
    Seaming Machine
    Curling Machine
    Cutting Machine
    Production Line

    Mr. Aiden Jiao
    Tel : +86 18910201625



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